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my dad and I both use FXCM, he switched from Oanda but considered going back because of margin issues that FXCM has. Be sure to know how your. First off, SOMEONE is always trading against you. Either your broker keeps your trade in house, or they pass your trade 'to the street'. Maybe a bug or you can ask Oanda Welcome to's Reddit Forex Trading. OANDA account can be linked to myFxbook easily, IG account cannot be linked directly and embedded journal/stats feature is a bit poor. OANDA can. Oanda with or w/o MT4 · easy to compare prices against other brokers · easy to add / discover / modify indicators (including open sourced custom.

Oanda is all around going to be cheaper than TD so if cost is your #1 concern then Oanda will beat TD. Just depends on how you how you trade. Why i choose them? Their prices were very low compared to other. Although i learn there are a few brockers that you dont pay commission. With ib. I just switched to oanda from because oanda provides more data to tradingview like volume or aftermarket movements. No issues so. 10 votes, 56 comments. K subscribers in the Forex community. Welcome to's Reddit Forex Trading Community! It's true, Oanda is not a good broker. I've been trading for a few years now and I opened my first account with them. Their spreads are awful. Oanda will widen spreads to, say, 20pips, but as a market maker they will generally honor your stops without slippage. FXCM - if market is not. Yes, Oanda is probably the best FX broker out there. Their entire system is really well designed! What you have to do is make the added trade a unique size, so if you add by going short another 1, units (or units, or anything other. I have used both Oanda and for several years, and I'd % recommend Oanda.'s customer service was rude and pushy on several. Oanda is the better out of the two brokers. It provides nice trade execution at standard trading costs but if you want a broker who has low.

If you're in the US you can't really go wrong with FXCM or Oanda IMO. I use OANDA and have found it to be very good, especially with its API. I use automated algo training and it does exceptionally well and keeping. IG Markets is the best regulated US broker I can find. Their spreads are decent, way better than Oanda's anyways. They only offer leverage. When I trade with oanda Welcome to's Reddit Forex Trading Community! Question on Trade in + 36 month contract vs full retail. Oanda wins for small accounts as they will let you place a trade of 1 unit. Most places pepperstone included you are trading min 1k units. So if. As of December 4th Oanda will start charging a % fee on all trades that are not in your base currency. Is it just me or does this seem a. I tested Oanda a while back. I think the java based platform wouldn't work so well for me. Seems a little resource needy. I'm using &. Neither, I have used oanda and and they both steal all your money, they charge me daily 50 dollars for holding usd/jpy, dollars. oanda, or I used prosperity inc for my last live account but I just found out they aren't regulated and I worried if they go bust.

Oanda vs FXCM data on TradingView. Questions. I'm starting to get into algotrading and doing back testing of my algos in TradingView. I've. I just started trading and got a account, but TradingView doesn't show any volume for that brokerage. Oanda vs gain capital My vote is oanda. I've never had a single issue with them. About 3 years now. I use Oanda. I like them. With Oanda you shouldn't be worried about security at all. They are highly regulated by many financial authorities, like Fxview. That's the. for like probably 2 weeks now u guys think i'll eventually get approved or do i use another broker. r/Forex - Oanda. Upvote 1. Downvote 3.

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